The Infamous Manchester Cocktail Bar

The Liquor

The Liquor Store, voted Manchester's top cocktail bar, required a complete revamp of their digital platform.

Designed with a straightforward concept in mind the Stores new website was built to create a virtual space where party-goers could learn about the famous cocktails and exclusive events available at one of Manchester’s most famous venues. 


One Site™




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The Solution

A Digital

By showcasing the venues unique style and vibe, the website aimed to provide an immersive experience that would entice people to visit the venue in person.

The bars online footprint is now a Mancunian hub, with a vibrant digital style. Overall results were staggering: a 17% increase in traffic to the site meant that we’d truly succeeded in delivering The Liquor Store experience to a digital platform.

A Strong Start

The new website was crucial to The Liquor Store in establishing a strong online presence in a crowded Manchester market.

By showcasing its unique offerings and creating an immersive experience for visitors, the website allowed The Liquor Store to differentiate itself from its competitors and launch campaigns for events and offers at a pace it previously thought impossible.

Powered by OneSite™

We used our patented OneSite™ framework to create the new Liquor Store digital experience.

Forged from first hand experience with dozens of venues across the UK and with no upfront cost, the solution allowed a flexible design, lightening fast load times, and an easy to use CMS for constant updates to the venues range of nights, offers and spaces via our 24/7 support channel.

Unlimited Changes, Constant Live Support & Key Analytics for the Venue

Staying relevant is paramount for venues like The Liquor Store and OneSite™ gives our partners unlimited changes and a dedicated private support channel unlike any other. This enables key stakeholders within the venue to quickly request updates, changes, and even new pages or concepts entirely that are actioned within 24 hours by our team at no extra cost.

Totally customisable Monthly or weekly key analytics are delivered to the venue to help keep our partners informed about how best to make their website work for their venue.

Including the Liquor Store, OneSite™ is now implemented in over 40 venues across the UK & Ireland. We are partners with our venues and our system of web development, management and support is empowering venues to focus on what they do best while we take care of the rest.

Optimising the
Mobile Experience

As always we built this one with the mobile experience at the forefront of all our design decisions for the site. A streamlined style sheet and highly optimised assets ensured snappy loading times for time-poor nightlife revellers on the go.

After seeing what was possbile with their new site and with our help, the venue commissioned several video and photo shoots to capture the bars nights, offers and spaces. We made custom web ready edits to footage and images to ensure a seamless Liquor Store experience no matter the device. 

The Results

A Truly Manc

Since taking over The Liquor Stores digital presence we’ve worked with the venue constantly to continue to update and innovate the website. Building evergreen content inline with their yearly seasonal events, the site continues to go from strength to strength.


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Bookings increase


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